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LA REV is an unique Mexican cantina inspired
by the history of the Mexican Revolution.


A small, but big-hearted business, La Rev considers itself more as a space for creativity, making music and art, inspiration (given or taken) and general well-being. Celebrating its 7th anniversary this coming November, La Rev continues to offer their guests an authentic taste of comida casera (Mexican home-cooking), and a welcoming performance space featuring some of Toronto’s most talented musicians. 

Nestled in the heart of the junction, you'll find La Rev tucked away just three doors east of Keele on the north side of Dundas. The neighbourhood has been ever growing and changing since the liquor ban was lifted in 2001, and La Rev was among the first new restaurants to settle in what has become one of the cities trendiest destination spots. 

Owner and operator, Indira Nanavati Cadena, has a background in music and sound engineering, and while she worked primarily as a bartender throughout school to support her studies, she admits that she never imagined she’d be running her own restaurant at this point in her life:

“My dream when I was growing up was to become a classical pianist. Later, I gravitated towards composing and sound production, but my goals always leaned more towards creative pursuits. I never considered myself business minded, and when I see my business now, looking back at how it all started, it really has grown on its own quite organically, adapting to the neighbourhoods rapidly growing needs, and the needs of the musical community, which it also depends on.”

Perhaps it is this approach to operating a restaurant that has so many loyal customers referring to it as their “living room”. Les Petits Nouveaux (a Toronto-based hot/manouche jazz group) was the first band Indira ever booked for La Rev, and coincidentally they are also the band with the longest running residency there, playing every Friday night from 7-10 for over 6 years. The venue has hosted dozens of reputable performers, as well as emerging artists who found their footing on its stage. 

Currently, the venue is hoping to expand their menu, as well as renovate their back room into a more intimate style listening space. The community surrounding La Rev continue to support and bring life to this unique spot, providing a respectful audience, and an adventurous taste palette!